31Ate app makes culinary plans with friends simple

Savage Endeavors, LLC is thrilled to introduce its latest mobile application, 31Ate™, which promises to be a game-changer in the Shreveport-Bossier culinary scene. The 31Ate app has been meticulously designed with the local community in mind, offering a unique blend of features that distinguish it from the rest.

31Ate simplifies the process of planning brunch, lunch, or dinner outings with friends. With this app, users can effortlessly create a group of friends and communicate their restaurant preferences through a simple swipe-based interface. Once a consensus is reached on a dining establishment, all members of the group receive notifications confirming the choice. Integrated group chat makes finalizing plans after a match easy!

What sets the 31Ate app apart is its focus on helping users discover new and exciting restaurants within Shreveport-Bossier. The app utilizes a unique backend architecture that enables Savage Endeavors, LLC to continuously update and maintain the restaurant database, eliminating the need for users to manually update the app. This ensures that whenever new restaurants emerge, the 31Ate app can shine a spotlight on them, increasing their exposure and recognition.

One of the distinctive features of the 31Ate™ app is its exclusive focus on local restaurants, a unique offering not found in other apps currently available. This makes 31Ate™ an ideal solution for indecisive friend groups.

31Ate™, available soon for both iOS and Android platforms, is set to revolutionize the way friends choose restaurants. “We are thrilled to unveil 31Ate,” remarked Paul Savage, Jr., CEO/President of Savage Endeavors, LLC. “The idea for this app originated from my own frustrations when trying to reach a consensus with friends on where to dine. Recognizing that many shared this challenge, we aimed to address my personal dilemma while also promoting the vibrant local food scene here in Shreveport-Bossier.”

Stay tuned as 31Ate™ prepares for its upcoming launch on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. To receive notifications about the app’s release or be a beta tester, simply visit www.31ate.app to sign up.

The app will initially launch only in Shreveport-Bossier, but we have plans to expand to the full 318 area code in 2024.

Savage Endeavors, LLC encourages restaurant owners to submit their establishments to be featured in the app’s database. This can be done conveniently by filling out a brief form on our website by clicking here.

Want to be a beta tester?

Help us make the 31Ate™ app the best it can be! As a 31Ate™ beta tester, you can get an early look at the app by test-driving a pre-release version and letting us know what you think.

A limited number of beta testers will chosen for each operating system. Unfortunately, we cannot accept all beta sign ups submitted. Those chosen will be contacted via the email address you provide when the app goes into the beta testing phase.

Are you a restaurant owner?

Submit your restaurant’s information to ensure it’s included in the app’s database at launch.