The Pearl Shreveport opens to the public

Robert and Trudie Shaver, the previous proprietors of Shaver’s Crawfish & Catering, have decided to end their retirement and embark on a new culinary venture in Shreveport called The Pearl. This fresh establishment is set to occupy the former La Madeleine restaurant located at 6871 Fern Ave.

History of The Pearl Shreveport

Having dedicated nearly three decades to Shaver’s Crawfish & Catering, the Shaver’s eventually handed over the reins to Robert’s brother and business partner a few years back. Now, Robert’s lifelong dream of owning a seafood restaurant is becoming a reality with the inception of The Pearl Shreveport.

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Experience the all-new menu

The Pearl will be more than just a seafood haven. It aims to be a versatile dining destination, offering a diverse range of delectable entrees catering to a wide spectrum of tastes. The Shavers have also hinted at the introduction of a special Sunday Brunch menu.

Robert and Trudie are committed to maintaining a hands-on approach, ensuring they are on-site as much as possible. They will collaborate closely with Benn, their general manager, and Val, their accomplished executive chef.

The Pearl Shreveport is now open to the public. You can book a reservation by visiting

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